IPTM Bluetooth Selfie Stick – Fits all iPhone and Android Phones

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  • Lightning fast bluetooth wireless connection to the phone
  • Strong enough to hold ANY cell phone--large or small
  • Ultra compact, yet extensible to fit more than one person in the photo
  • Tilting head allows for a large degree of freedom in setting the perspective of your shot.
  • Incredibly simple to use and set up. Pair it in seconds, shoot for hours. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Product Description

The IP Selfie Stick does two things well: (1) Bluetooth is lightning fast to connect to your phone, and (2) It looks much nicer than your typical "I look like a dork with my Care Bears Selfie Stick." The IP Selfie Stick is compatible with all cell phones, from the small ones to the extra large iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus and Android phablets. But the real standout feature is really the super fast bluetooth. You basically have two choices with a selfie stick--get a dorky one with the cord to plug in to your phone, or get a Bluetooth wireless selfie stick. The problem with most Bluetooth is that it's TOO SLOW! So we specifically designed this selfie stick to allow for lightning fast connections between your phone and selfie stick for the easiest pic snapping.

Product Detail

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