Esddi 5.3 x 6.6 PRO Photo Studio Backdrop Background Kit, Black White Non-woven Fabrics Backdrops for Photography (2 Pack)

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  • Color: Black and White; Size: 5.3 x 6.6 ft; so the size is sufficient for most of the photo shoots you will be doing.
  • Made of 100% non-woven fabrics, good vertical sense, lightweight and durable, specifically designed for photography.
  • Crimped along the edges to prevent tearing; easy to fold and wash; they come packaged individually in clear plastic bags.
  • Simply dust off the surface and should be ready for reuse; This particularly backdrop doesn't have the premade rod inserts, so you can make it what you want, whether you are using a homemade PVC stand for a professional backdrop stand. You can hang this up over a curtain rod if you choose.
  • You have a nice variety of colors. These two colors should allow you to have a good background color for whatever you are shooting; and they are replacement for Muslin cotton backdrop.

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Product Description


a. 100% Brand new.

b. 100% Non Woven fabric-cost effective, lightweight and ecological friendly

c. Seamless Surface-helps to soak up all the light without reflective

d. Portable and Foldable-Photography Backdrop can easily be hung, portable and great in the permanent studio

e. Multi-Application Environment-It is large enough for most photographic occasions, great for studio and portrait shooting

If you do a lot of photography - still shots or video - you know that a good, solid color background really improves the quality of the pictures.


Material: High-quality Non-woven fabrics

Size: 5.3 x 6.6 ft / 1.6 x 2 m

Color: Black, White

Package Include:

2 x Background Cloth ONLY ( Black, White ) (Stand NOT included)


→ Background stands are not included.

→ High temperature steam iron is not allowed.

→ The creases won't affect your photography, you can flatten them by these ways:

1.Use a wet towel to wipe the creases and then use a book to press it for a while;

2.Unfold the backdrop, place it on a stand and put it aside some days.

3.Just hung it up in your bathroom while you are showering and let the steam from shower help damp it up. Then when you was done, please got a damp cloth and wiped it down. Laid it flat, put some books and heavy shoeboxes on it at that helped.

→Because these backdrops are folded in a plastic bag, it is possible to have some wrinkles. If you still can not accept this situation, please be cautious to buy, thank you for your understanding.

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