EDC Fidget Gyro Toy with High Speed Rotation Finger Spinner Bat shape Shell Material Helps to Relieve Anxiety Reduce Stress Focus Killing Time

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  • 1) Material: Acrylic abalone shell handle, bearing cap screws are 304 stainless steel.
  • 2) Gyro net weight 42g(0.09 lb), size 70x33x6mm(2.76x1.30x0.24inch); gross weight 75g(0.17 lb), packaging size 90x63x20mm(3.54x2.48x0.79inch)
  • 3) Relatively light, so the speed can not last longer than the finger spinner that made of brass or aluminum alloy or titanium alloy , so the speed can only be maintained at 50-66 seconds or so.
  • 4) Due to the production process, this gyro bearing is not removable, is with sticky glue. If you want to disassemble ,can also be directly knock out, and then replace the other bearings and then glue it well. So the obsessive-compulsive disorder must pay attention, please think twice about it before buying. In addition, gyro shell material is relatively light, violent playing out to the ground is easily broken, please try your best to protect it.
  • 5) It can continue to high-speed rotation as long as the fingers pinch and gently toggle, having a significant effect for quiting smoking, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, meditation and killing time .

Product Description

Shell Material Description:
It is processed by shell , abalone and the material with Pearl luster and stripe.Using the most advanced machinery to create the perfect pearl effect. Finally,putting the abalone paper on the acrylic , then pressuring abalone paper and acrylic in a piece through the high temperature, which has such a thick thickness. Overall: can not say that this is a false shell or really shells, can only say: the real shell with the machine flattened into a film, and then cover up the acrylic.
Due to light , there will be some difference in color.

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