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Pretty much every laptop owner has been through a too-toasty experience with a machine at some point. You’re sitting there, working away, when you notice your computer is getting uncomfortably warm.

When laptops are working hard and using a lot of processing power, they naturally heat up. This issue can be exacerbated if you’re using the computer in a hot environment, like outside on a summer day. Getting warm can be a normal part of a laptop’s operation, but there are ways to help your machine chill out, even when you’re giving its components a workout.

Try a cooling pad

Some laptops, especially those used for heavy-duty gaming, can run hot and still be within normal operating parameters. But that can make the machine too warm to comfortably hold on your lap.

There are quite a few laptop cooling pads on the market, many of which are styled to appeal to gamers. These devices lift the laptop up and use fans to help dissipate the heat from the bottom of the computer.

There are also some non-powered pads on the market that use mesh or little feet to raise up the laptop and allow for more airflow. As an alternative, you can try setting your laptop on a flat surface and raising the back up at an angle using something you find around the house or office, like the edge of a book. The idea is to leave some airspace beneath the laptop and let it vent out the extra heat.

In the same vein, be careful about the type of surfaces on which you have your laptop. A cushy pillow on your lap could cover the vents and cause problems.

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