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Why is it so hard for people to understand that this MacBook caters to users who just browse the Internet and email themselves their documents? Nobody is forcing you buy this model, and the MacBook Pro still has some ports.

People HATE products meant for other people’s needs.

They want a world that contains one single computer model, one single phone, one single car in a single color, one single app for each purpose (and none for purposes they don’t personally need).

Any choice or variety beyond that gets them extremely riled up :)

I suspect the reason there has been so much animosity towards this Macbook (a bit from me as well) is because they were hoping for a different product. Most people were hoping for a redesigned Macbook Air with a Retina display, but same class of CPU, same ports, same battery life.

Instead, Apple releases a dilemma – it’s asking people to sacrifice ports and much more cash for a retina display, lower weight, and thinness. Plus, adding insult to injury, Apple has removed an very popular and well regarded feature – magsafe. To say nothing of the lower battery life rating. I don’t blame people for being pissed at this dilemma.

Before the choice between MBA and MBP was relatively simple. Now for people with aging MBAs, the choice between rMB and MBA is not only tough, but it’s forces a sacrifice: retina or ports – one of those has to go if you want a slim and light mac, can’t have both.


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