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If you want a laptop to double-up as a TV, a slave to Netflix and iPlayer, we strongly recommend looking for a laptop with a higher-res IPS screen. The difference is obvious, and pretty big. Still, not everyone needs a laptop that looks better than their TV. And if you spend more time hopping between coffee shops than sat at home watching old episodes of Poirot, the MacBook Air has a killer hook: its battery life is amazing. The MacBook Air’s stamina has always been great but the 2015 edition lasts for up to 12 hours.

I used as a main computer for a few days and found it can easily last a full day’s work unless you’re a certifiable workaholic. Nothing in Apple’s laptop range can touch the 13-inch MacBook Air: not the MacBook Pro, not even the ‘virtually all-battery’ new MacBook. It’s immensely practical.

We still have a lot of love for the MacBook Air trackpad and keyboard, too. No, it doesn’t have the fancy pressure-sensitive trackpad of the new MacBook Pro, or the Butterfly keyboard of the new MacBook. But it’s not a problem unless you dwell on it. The keyboard is large and responsive enough to type on all day, and the trackpad still squishes most Windows rivals for effectiveness. It just feels so good and responds so well.

I will admit, though: the new trackpad would have been nice. This one uses a hinged clicky design where the new version replaces a physical movement with a non-moving pad, a pressure-sensing panel underneath and pure haptic feedback. It doesn’t feel radically different, but offers secondary functions such as previewing web pages in Safari when you push down extra-hard.

It’s pretty smart, and will almost certainly feature in whatever takes the baton from this 2015 MacBook Air.


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