Apple MacBook (2017) review – Stuff

This isn’t a perfect notebook, then, nor probably even a perfect MacBook. But this laptop is nonetheless ridiculously lovely to use. Yes, I’d like a webcam beyond 480p, and for the keyboard to be a bit quieter, but the unit feels solid, the screen is great, and the battery lasts for ages.

Last year, Stuff suggested perhaps trawling for refurbs, but that advice no longer holds up, given the improvements Apple’s made to performance and usability. The real question is whether you should instead plump for a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. The latter has crossover with the MacBook, in terms of pricing, and for not too much additional outlay, you get more power and ports, but also more heft. It’s a better bet if you need the extra clout and connectivity.

The MacBook Air’s time is over, though. It looked the business when Steve Jobs pulled one out of an envelope in 2008, but is surely now only hanging around to have Mac laptops start at under a grand. Unless you really can’t stretch to the MacBook’s price tag, it’s time to consign the MacBook Air to history.


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