The Best Hybrid and Convertible Laptops of 2015 – Reviewed – Stuff

What’s the story?

If there’s a laptop that might tempt you away from hybrid laptops where the keyboard bit actually comes off, it’s the Yoga 3 Pro. Few laptops impress in person like this one. 

Firstly, it’s incredibly slim and light, made of glass and magnesium — a metal renowned for its light weight. Then there’s the hinge, which looks like it’s made from high-end watch parts rather than laptop-bound ones. 

Any good?

There is a little bit of flex to the screen part, but it smacks of design choice rather than compromise. How so thin? This is one of the first Intel Core M laptops. It’s a chipset so efficient that it doesn’t even need a fan. It’ll stay silent 24/7.

For a stylish portable road-warrior, it’s perfect – especially as the 13.3in 3200×1800 screen looks great among laptops (even if the Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s images are better still). However, don’t go thinking the Lenovo will make games look super-sharp.

Okay, it will, but it’ll also make them super-slow – the Intel Core M doesn’t have the grunt of a Core i5 or i7. It’s less powerful than the Yoga 2 Pro, in fact. This is about portability over power.

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