Someone stole a Secret Service agent’s laptop right out of his car, but don’t worry – Canada Free Press

So, nothing important. Nothing to worry about.

Just because the crook was clever enough to abscond with the laptop out of a Secret Service agent’s car doesn’t mean he knows how to get passed the encryption or whatever security layers it supposedly uses. (And that assumes the agent didn’t leave it turned on when he stashed it in the car. Yikes.)

The fact that the crook dumped the other items but kept the laptop certainly seems to suggest that getting ahold of the information in the laptop was the whole point, does it not? And if that was the point of the robbery all along, might it stand to reason that the crook also possesses the knowledge of how to get past the security, or works with someone who does?

Yeah, I’m sure this will be fine.

By the way, if there’s information about the Hillary e-mail investigation that we haven’t already heard, what was the Secret Service doing with it? The Secret Service is a division of the Treasury Department, not the Department of Justice. They don’t investigate crimes like the FBI does.

Oh well. Maybe the crook will let us know. If Julian Assange comes out this week with new Hillary dirt, hmm


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