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We have all heard numerous stories of ridiculous delivery goof-ups by online shopping sites. From sending soap instead of a smartphone, to sending stones instead of an iPhone or even sending an empty box.

So it came as a pleasant surprise when Anuj Chauhan, from Delhi, received a laptop worth Rs 30,000 instead of the Rs 1145 WiFi router he had ordered from e-commerce site PayTM.

Anuj Chauhan with the laptop. Image Courtesy: FacebookAnuj Chauhan with the laptop. Image Courtesy: Facebook

Anuj Chauhan with the laptop. Image Courtesy: Facebook

“I placed an order on PayTM for Wifi Router of Rs. 1145, on 10 Apr which was delivered to me on 16 Apr. On seeing that big box in the hands of the delivery boy, I told him that this wasn’t my order, but he was so sure that it made me check the details on the box. After checking my details, I accepted the order. And when I opened the bubblewrap, I saw the Laptop box. It was the Dell laptop worth Rs. 30, 000. I was shocked!!” Chauhan wrote on Facebook.

The happy goof-up surprised Chauhan himself as he wrote on his Facebook account, “While the rest of the world is getting soaps, stones and fruits, I must have done something good to have been blessed by the laptop.”

A brand-new laptop for less than Rs 2000 seemed like a fantastic deal, especially as his own laptop wasn’t in the best condition, but Chauhan decided to do the noble thing.

He chose to return the laptop and even wrote to the MD of PayTM informing him about the order mix-up.

However, it seems that PayTM has surprised him pleasantly once again, by deciding to gift him the laptop as a gesture of goodwill.

A report by NDTV, quoted a PayTM company spokesperson saying, “When Anuj tagged us on the Facebook we checked back and figured the merchant has shipped laptop instead of router. Considering Anuj was so sincere and honest with his side of story we let him keep the laptop as our acknowledgement of his honesty. We are very happy that Paytm attract such high ethics Indians to shop. And we wish Anuj great success in future.”

This story has got both Chauhan and PayTM some appreciation on Twitter.

Clearly, the age-old ideal of ‘honestly in the best policy’ has worked wonders for Anuj Chauhan.


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