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There’s a new breed of laptops creating a lot of noise in the computing world. The hybrid laptop – which functions as a laptop and tablet in one – is becoming an increasingly popular choice as the best of both worlds. Microsoft, Lenovo and Dell are just some of the companies continuing to innovate their products in order to keep their loyal fans and to stay ahead of the competition.

Microsoft and the Surface Pro 3 

Microsoft created the Surface Pro 3 tablet as an enhanced version of the original Pro and Pro 2 models. While the latest version has internal specs and a performance similar to its direct predecessor, it delivers just as fast as any of the modern premium laptops.  

The new Surface Pro 3 is arguably thinner than its predecessors and showcases a bigger and higher-resolution display. As Microsoft continues to tweak the design of its Surface tablet with every generation – particularly the hinge and the keyboard – the latest model is proof of the company’s dedication to produce the best device.

The Surface Pro 3 boasts an improved kickstand that can be adjusted to almost any angle between 22 and 150 degrees. It also has a brand new double hinge that comes with a strong magnet to keep the Pro 3 latched onto the lower bezel.

The Surface Pro 3 retails at a price as low as $730. That doesn’t include the keyboard and the docking station, which are sold as separate accessories.

Lenovo and the Yoga 3 Pro 

The Yoga 3 Pro is being touted as a nearly the perfect laptop/tablet combo. This latest model from Lenovo maintains the tried and tested features of its predecessor, of which it is also a thinner and lighter version.

The Yoga Pro 3 features a 13.3-inch touch panel of 3800 by 1200 IPS. Its density of 299-pixels per inch gives it an edge over the Surface Pro 3, which has 216 ppi on its 12-inch display.

Lenovo says its Yoga Pro 3 is thinner and lighter than its predecessor by as much as 17 and 15 percent, respectively. Coming in at 2.62 pounds, the company claims that the Yoga Pro 3 is the thinnest hybrid notebook in the market today.

Technically, the Yoga Pro 3’s thickness of 0.5 inch makes it a little bulkier than the Surface Pro 3, which measures 0.36 inch. The Pro 3’s measurement doesn’t however include the Type Cover keyboard. The addition of the keyboard makes the Pro 3 measure in at 0.55 inch.

Other features of the Yoga Pro 3 include an added USB 3.0 port, a handy USB 2.0 and charging jack combo, in addition to the power button that was moved back — in response to user complaints.

The Yoga Pro 3 has a price point beginning as low as $1197. It is one of the most attractive and portable hybrid tablets that also comes with smart software features.

Dell and the Latitude 13 7000 

The Latitude 13 7000 from Dell is a new detachable hybrid tablet that also functions as a full laptop with its keyboard dock. It is fanless and boasts a new Intel Core M processor. This has allowed Dell to create a thinner device with increased battery life.

With a slate that measures 13 inches, the Latitude 13 7000 looks like a large-screened tablet when it’s removed from the base. When it’s attached to the keyboard, it can bend back to an angle of 135 degrees. The hinge also provides a solid support — although it can make the tablet wobbly when docked.

This hybrid laptop is also designed to work with an ecosystem of accessories. These include desktop docks, the new USB dongle and the Dell Portable Power Companion, which allows the user to charge the tablet through a captive cable. It also charges a smartphone and a personal tablet through a pair of USB ports.

The Latitude 13 7000 weighs 3.67 pounds, which makes it heavier than the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro (2.6 pounds) and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (1.76 pounds). The price can be as low as $987.


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