Asus Zenbook UX305: It’s no MacBook, but it’s a good midrange laptop – Ars Technica

When we reviewed Apple’s new MacBook earlier this month, we compared it primarily to the MacBook Air (which it kind-of-sort-of supplants) and Dell’s most recent XPS 13 (which is one of our favorite PC laptops right now).

One other laptop came up multiple times in my inbox and in the comments, though—Asus’ Zenbook UX305. It’s got quite a bit in common with the MacBook on paper: high-resolution screens, Core M processors without fans, a focus on thinness. The thing that will probably draw your eyes is the price. The Microsoft Signature version we’d recommend, which includes 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, costs $699.

In practice there are still a lot of things the MacBook does better, and this laptop’s design isn’t without its issues. Overall, though, we came away pleasantly surprised by what this Zenbook does well.

Look and feel


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