warren buffett
Buffett points to a framed copy of the New York Times from the
1929 stock market crash, hung on a wall in the Berkshire Hathaway

“Becoming Warren

Warren Buffett may have an estimated net worth of around $76
billion, but the Omaha headquarters of his conglomerate Berkshire
Hathaway are simple and sparse.

In the hallway leading to Buffett’s office are hung some fun
photos of himself and his team, as well as some corporate swag
from some of his investments, like the Coca-Cola Company.

There are also the framed front pages of seven newspapers from
infamous days in Wall Street history.

They’re a way to keep Buffett, who has long since cemented his
legacy as one of the greatest investors in history, humble and

Buffett granted the “Becoming Warren Buffett” documentary
filmmakers access to the Berkshire Hathaway offices, and
explained the decor.

“Originally, when I moved in in 1962, you can see this, I went
down to the South Omaha Library and I think for a dollar I got
seven copies of old New York Times from big times like the Panic
of 1907,” he said. “This one, 1929, obviously,” he said, pointing
to a paper from Black Tuesday, the day that marked the beginning
of the Great Depression.

“But I wanted to put on the walls days of extreme panic in Wall
Street, just as a reminder that anything can happen in this
world,” Buffett said. “I mean, it’s instructive art, you can call

You can find the documentary on HBO’s
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