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The Intercept

Laura Poitras, the Academy Award-winning director of the Edward Snowden documentary “Citizenfour,” is getting ready to launch a visual journalism initiative at The Intercept with filmmaker AJ Schnack and producer Charlotte Cook, the national security website announced Wednesday.

The initiative, dubbed “Field of Vision,” will consist of “a really small team” that will commission works that “expand the language of visual journalism,” Poitras says in a Q and A on The Intercept’s website. Poitras cites the combination of photography and writing in Life magazine as an example of what she’d like to achieve at The Intercept with videography and journalism:

We’re interested in visually driven storytelling. It doesn’t need to be verité. It could be data visualization. How do you communicate about the world through the tools that are available to us, as people who work in a visual medium? How can we understand the world differently through images? We’re going to have different interests among us, and I’m interested in a journalism component, a news component, in being responsive.

Poitras notes that she’d be willing to tackle breaking news with this video initiative, although she wants the journalism to have “relevance beyond the news cycle.”

We’re not interested in just feeding the news cycle — we want things that have resonance beyond that.

The Intercept, the flagship publication of Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media, was co-founded by Poitras and has featured irregular contributions from the filmmaker since its debut.


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