OC Weekly editor Gustavo Arellano resigns from alt-weekly newspaper in dispute over cost cuts – Los Angeles Times

Longtime Orange County columnist, government watchdog and foodie Gustavo Arellano said Friday that he has voluntarily resigned from his role as editor of alternative weekly newspaper OC Weekly.

In an interview Friday on the Tom Leykis Show, Arellano said he was told by the paper’s owner to cut half the staff, and he refused. OC Weekly now has nine staffers in the editorial department.

Arellano said that in September he gave the paper’s owner an alternative plan that would not involve layoffs. He offered to help sell ads and even cut his own salary in half.

In his proposal, Arellano said his resignation would be effective Oct. 13 if Irvine-based Duncan McIntosh Co. Inc. didn’t like the plan.


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