Oak Lawn trustee promises to eat shoes after village-run newspaper loses money – Chicago Tribune

An Oak Lawn trustee is eating his words — and possibly more — after his rosy forecasts about the economic viability of publishing a village newsletter did not come to bear.

Following remarks made last March by another trustee that Oak Lawn’s proposed experiment in newspaper publishing would amount to a $100,000 waste of taxpayer money, Alex Olejniczak proposed a bold dare.

He said he was so confident the village wouldn’t lose $100,000 on the endeavor that if the ad-supported newspaper — Oak Lawn Matters — cost residents over $20,000, he’d put his feet where his mouth is — literally.

“[If] we as a village spend more than $20,000 on this publication, I have a pair of Florsheim shoes that I will eat right here at the desk if that happens,” Olejniczak boasted, raising his foot above the dais so that all watching could see. “You can hold me to my word on that.”


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