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Observer front page

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The Observer focuses on events at the White House, saying that Donald Trump’s presidency is facing fresh turmoil after a week of unadulterated disasters that culminated in the removal of his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. “With his legislative agenda stalled, and his White House descending into civil war, Trump appeared to be losing support in a Republican Party that has previously rallied around him,” it continues.

Sunday Telegraph front page

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The Sunday Telegraph says Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s economic guru, Gerard Lyons, has criticised Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Brexit transition plan. Writing for the paper, Mr Lyons says any transition should be just two years long – a year shorter than that outlined by Mr Hammond.

Sunday Times front page

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The Sunday Times lead story examines the lives of British teenage girls who run away to marry fighters with so-called Islamic State. It also reports that more than 150 jihadists and other criminals have been stripped of their citizenship and banned from returning to the UK amid fears that the collapse of IS will lead to an influx of militants from Syria.

Mail on Sunday front page

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The Mail on Sunday says Earl Spencer has made an impassioned plea to Channel 4 not to broadcast “video diaries” recorded by his sister Diana, the late Princess of Wales. According to the paper, Diana disclosed intimate details of her failed marriage to Prince Charles and criticised the Royal Family.

Sunday Express front page

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“Diana: I begged Queen for help in vain,” is the headline in the Sunday Express. Inside the paper, it says “explosive footage” to be broadcast for the first time in the UK will reveal how she turned to her royal in-laws, desperate for help.

Daily Star Sunday front page

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The Daily Star Sunday interviews Diana’s former bodyguard who claims she would be alive today if her royal protection team had been retained after 1993.

Sunday Mirror front page

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The Sunday Mirror leads with a showbiz story, reporting that Ant McPartlin is set for a “sensational” return to TV after rehab and aims to host I’m A Celebrity with Declan Donnelly in the autumn.

Sunday People front page

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Likewise the Sunday People, which has an exclusive with pop and TV celebrity Kerry Katona detailing her regrets about her third marriage, which ended last month.

The Observer says the two main Westminster parties go into the summer recess with a series of unresolved internal issues about the “how and when” of Brexit.

It says tensions remain within Labour over whether the UK should remain in the single market during any transitional period after Brexit, while ministers are still at odds over major parts of a final deal.

But the Mail on Sunday finds it reassuring that a Brexit debate is at last taking place.

It says Chancellor Philip Hammond has shifted the debate away from “how do we achieve a hard Brexit” to “how do we achieve a wise Brexit that does not needlessly damage the economy”.

For the Sunday Telegraph, things are starting to come together – with individual ministers starting to draw up plans for what life will be like after UK leaves the EU.

Adam Boulton in the Sunday Times says their conclusions will leave Theresa May with a choice when she returns from her holiday.

She will either have to go to war against them and fight for the type of cliff-edge, no-deal-is-better-than-a-bad-deal Brexit she championed before the election or walk away from the spirit and much of the substance of what she has said previously.

The Budget in November is also on the chancellor’s mind – and the Sunday Times reports that Treasury officials are holding their first meeting on Monday to thrash out the details.

According to the paper, an end to the freeze in fuel duty and a cut in higher-rate pension tax relief are on the cards, as is postponing the 2020 target for letting people earn £12,500 before they pay income tax.

A Treasury source tells the paper that Budget planning is in the “blue skies thinking stage”.

Excerpts from private video tapes of Diana, Princess of Wales, recorded by her voice coach are widely published, and make the lead for the Mail on Sunday, the Sunday Express and Daily Star Sunday.

The tapes, in which Diana talked candidly about her marriage and her relationship with the Royal Family, are due to be shown on Channel 4 next Sunday, as the 20th anniversary of her death approaches.

According to the Mail, Diana’s brother Earl Spencer has made an impassioned plea to the channel not to broadcast them, warning they would cause profound distress, particularly to Prince William and Prince Harry.

It says the broadcaster has refused to back down.

In a statement on Saturday night, Channel 4 described the tapes as “an important historical source”.

There are many articles marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele.

A series of pictures in the Sunday Telegraph shows the statue of a soldier, sculpted from mud, slowly succumbing to a steady drip of water over the past week.

The paper says it is an echo of the relentless rain under which the battle was fought that turned the Flanders fields into a muddy quagmire, swallowing men whole.

The Sunday Mirror says commemorating such events gives us an opportunity to honour the sacrifice soldiers made and learn something of the sense of duty that led them to make it.

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