German newspapers blast UK’s "dawdling" Brexit team | World … –

However, it seems the view on how the negotiations are going is different accross the Channel. 

Back here in the UK, think tank Think Scotland said the European Union was becoming increasingly confused and divided in the face of UK negotiators – whose energy was described as a “welcome surprise”. 

Consultant Miles Saltiel, writing for the think tank, said the UK faced a far easier task gaining support for its policies than the EU, who would eventually crumble under infighting.

He wrote: “How much tougher for the EU, corralling a hydra-headed superstructure and two dozen plus nations?

“Both sides have toyed with splitting the other. At home, we remain mesmerised by Leavers vs Remainers, but the EU27 has its own fissures – budget contributors vs consumers, exporters of goods vs exporters of labour.”

“Think of Brussels’ position-papers as though the steering-wheel thrown out of the car by fifties dragsters playing ‘chicken’. Then again, the UK is able to exploit sixty years of EU shakedowns, leaving it unpopular with other international traders.

“The prospect of deals with third parties has Brussels rattled.”


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