David Davis tells Dutch newspaper he is setting aside ‘machismo’ in favour of ‘solidarity’ during European charm … – Telegraph.co.uk

He added that he had respect for Mr Juncker.

“I still know him as the ‘hero of Dublin’, when as prime minister of little Luxembourg in 1996 he calmed a row between the giants Kohl and Chirac over the Stability and Growth Pact [economic and monetary union policy]….Jean-Claude rammed Germany and France’s heads together and made the arrival of the euro possible.”

The NRC’s reading of this was that real leaders find compromises in the interests of the future, at difficult moments.

He denied the atmosphere was bad in the discussions, although agreed some payment demands – for example asking Britain to fund English language teaching in EU schools – had been “questioned”.

“In British politics, I’m not so friendly; in Europe I’m courteous,” he added.

He was optimistic about the progress of talks towards discussions on trade, which Europe has insisted follows a so-called divorce settlement.

“In many areas, such as citizen rights and Northern Ireland, progress has indeed been made,” he told the NRC. “Is it enough? That is a recommendation Michel will make to government leaders. He is keeping his cards close to his chest.”


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