Crimson White, University of Alabama’s newspaper, cutting back to 2 days a … –


The Crimson White, the University of Alabama’s four day a week student newspaper, announced today it will eliminate two of its print editions, replacing them with twice a week news magazines and will place greater emphasis on its online presence.

“Beginning Monday, August 24, 2015, The Crimson White newspaper will cease 
to exist,” editor Sean Landry wrote.

“Instead, The Crimson White Media Group will publish its printed product, a news magazine, twice a week…

Digitally, will be the premier source for news, multimedia features, up-to-date cultural calendars and content you care about in this city, bar none.”

Landry added that Crimson White will add “a video wing” to produce documentary features and offer live coverage of events.

“Every week, that video staff will provide you an opportunity to speak your mind with “Student Sound-off” on campus. We’re adding a podcast channel to provide you with the kind of deep-dive journalism and analysis you want to listen to on the way to class.

“We’re adding digital divisions to bring you blogs on fashion, music, film, women’s sports, data journalism and much more. We’re relaunching as an anonymous Q-and-A blog monitored 24/7.” 


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