Caught on cam: Oakland newspapers survive firework explosion, but newspaper box does not – East Bay Times

OAKLAND — Two vandals loaded an East Bay Express newspaper box with powerful fireworks early Wednesday morning, and though the box was blown to smithereens, several newspapers miraculously emerged from the ashes unscathed.

It was all caught on a security tape that the operators of Lucky Three Seven — a Filipino restaurant on the 2800 block of Fruitvale Avenue in Oakland — posted to Instagram Wednesday morning. The video shows two male figures approach the box. One appears to light something within, while the other films with his phone.

A few seconds later, the box is demolished in an explosion that forces it to leave the ground. But a picture posted by Lucky Three Seven’s operators the next day shows that several issues of this week’s East Bay Express survived the blast with no damage, and appear ready-to-read.

A time stamp on the security camera indicates the box was destroyed a little after 3 a.m. Wednesday morning.

An Instagram post from the restaurant shows the box clearly demolished, butseveral newspapers inside appear undamaged.
An Instagram post from the restaurant shows the box clearly demolished, but several newspapers inside appear undamaged. 

Instagram commenters had mixed reactions to the video. One user indicated she was laughing, then added, “As long as there was no damage to y’all, though.” Another wrote, “Ain’t nothing funny about this…Won’t ever be able (to) build the neighborhood with this kind of stupidity.”

Fireworks are banned in Oakland, but like many social media users noted, thousands were set off all over the city beginning on the morning of July 4th. There were at least two fires in Oakland caused by illegal July 4th fireworks, but no injuries were reported in either one, officials said.


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