Who Wins in the Fashion Influencer vs. Fashion Editor Wars? – HuffPost

I can say, however, that I am on the side of using social media for the democratization of beauty. For many, it is empowering to see that two queer, Black women — Danielle Cooper and Sara Geffrard — are now being considered social media “menswear” influencers. The duo now consistently receive invitations to Men’s New York Fashion Week shows and, according to the late, legendary New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, they were spotted wearing “menswear” to these shows as good as, if not better than, the boys. Others are inspired by social media influencers such as body activist and plus-size model Ashley Graham, who has amassed a significant following and is now securing major beauty campaigns and the covers of mainstream fashion glossies. In February 2017, Ashley walked for Michael Kors during NYFW.


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