The fashion industry gathered in Toronto to toast its premiere talent at the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards – The Globe and Mail

Though a dizzying array of events and happenings including lavish meals, receptions, panel discussions and after parties now surround the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards, known as the CAFAs, the glitz-heavy award ceremony, the fourth edition of which was held this year on April 7 in Toronto, remains the social highlight of the programming. The evening sees industry members, sponsors and enthusiasts come together to laud the stars of Canadian fashion and experience some of the best people watching of the spring social calendar.

Prior to the evening’s festivities, Hudson’s Bay and Globe Style joined forces for an early morning breakfast and discussion with Imran Amed, the Calgary-born founder and CEO of The Business of Fashion, and Hudson’s Bay Company president Liz Rodbell. Globe Style fashion editor Odessa Paloma Parker lead a relaxed chat with the two, touching on timely topics including the changing retail and media landscapes and Amed’s humble start in Western Canada. Among those out for the early morning gathering was Toronto Fashion Incubator’s Susan Langdon, Dwayne Kennedy and Mel Ashcroft of The Collections, stylist Susie Sheffman, and Robert Ott, chair of Ryerson University’s School of Fashion. (Later, at the day’s big event, Amed was dressed in black-tie to receive the night’s vanguard award, presented by Rodbell.)


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