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Famed author and playwright Oscar Wilde once said: “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

While he’s generally not considered a fashion forefather, he was right about one thing: The industry is constantly changing. That leads to many work opportunities – if not much job security– in the world of fashion.

Whether you’re looking to break into the industry for the first time or find a new gig, browse not just one, but multiple websites for the best chance of finding a spot that fits your skills and feeds your dreams.

Start with these three specialized sites. claims to be “the largest fashion-only job listing site on the internet”.

And indeed the site lists a number of big names in its “featured employers” section. Companies such as Calvin Klein, Gucci, Lacoste, Nautica Luxottica, Saks and plenty more have listings on the site.

Job-hunters can also take advantage of the site’s compatibility with StyleCareers’ other web properties. For example, you can upload a portfolio of your work via as a way to show off your work to potential new employers. also features helpful resources such as interview tips, resume advice, company profiles and news about upcoming fashion career fairs.

Women’s Wear Daily

Founded in 1910, Women’s Wear Daily is one of the oldest fashion publications in the industry, often heralded as “the bible of fashion.”

Aside from its wealth of fashion tips, the WWD site has an extensive careers section featuring job ads from top employers in the industry.

Job listings run the gamut of virtually all fashion occupations including customer service, product development, design, patternmaking, modeling, management and more.

To help you in your search, the site regularly publishes helpful articles that give tips on how to interview, format your resume and other insider advice.

Model Mayhem

Touting itself as the “world’s largest modeling community,” Model Mayhem is devoted to – you guessed it – all things related to modeling.

It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a new career in fashion, as well. The site has thousands of castings and positions available for many different occupations, not just modeling. Photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists and clothing designers are just a few of the professionals who can find work through Model Mayhem.

In addition, the site gives you the option to set up a profile showcasing your personality and best work. There’s also an active community of fashion-minded folks willing and eager to network with you and provide advice.

Non-Industry Websites

Besides those above, these broader job-search sites are great places to look for fashion-oriented careers even if their main focus isn’t fashion.

  • LinkedIn: With more than 200 million members, LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networking sites in the world. Here, you can find work in virtually any industry in hundreds of countries around the world.

  • Monster: Although not as large as LinkedIn, Monster has a huge number of job listings for any industry you could think of, including fashion.

  • Indeed: One of the most trafficked employment websites in the world, Indeed has listings for virtually any occupation you can imagine. Its site may be stripped down and simple, but the diversity and depth of its listings are hard to beat.

The Bottom Line

The fashion industry is highly competitive, but millions of people around the world manage to break into it every day. The next one could be you!

The odds of that happening increase dramatically if you use one the sites mentioned above. Cast the net wide and check multiple sites. The search may be exhausting, but all it takes is one successful interview to get you on your way to fashion stardom.

If you graduated from fashion or art school, by the way, you don’t need us to tell you that your first stop should be your school’s career office or website. Even if you’re already well into your career, the office may have job listings from the school’s alumni, as well as names of grads who’ve agreed to give informational interviews that can help you through the job-search process. For more advice, see Smart Resumes For The Fashion Industry.


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