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GENEVA — The Madison-Geneva Clothing Bank has just filled a pickup truck with clothes destined for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The pickup truckload of all kinds of bedding and clothes will go to True Finish Landscaping in Ashtabula first to be sorted and checked, said Madison Geneva Clothing Bank Director Rae Jean Burgard.

“We’ve filled the truck with sheets, blankets, all kinds of clothing, sweaters, jackets and shoes,” she said. “We were closed for two months over the summer and have plenty of clothes now. We want to share and be able to help people affected by the hurricanes in their time of need.”

She said the Madison Geneva Clothing Bank has been in operation for 33 years now. She said the bank is located at the Geneva United Church at 75 S. Broadway.

“Part of the church’s mission is helping others,” she said. 

Madison Geneva Clothing Bank volunteer Ron Weaver said a pickup with an eight-foot bed filled with clothes will go to True Finish Landscaping in Ashtabula before being put together with other local clothing shipments destined for Hurricane Harvey victims. Weaver has been a volunteer at the clothing bank for four years.

“There’s a lot of clothes and bedding on that truck,” he said. “We’re just trying to help out all those people who survived the hurricane. All this clothing is headed for Texas soon.”

Rev. Brian Manary has been pastor of the Geneva United Church for six years. He said he was thrilled to be able to help those affected by the hurricane. He said the first shipment of clothing was headed for Texas, because conditions had improved enough there to get through. Florida was still fairly impassable and not yet ready to accept a shipment, he said. 

“People from Madison, Geneva and Ashtabula have all been very generous in offering clothes, as well as money for shoes and winter coats,” he said. “I’m hoping a Florida shipment can go out later. We’ve been very busy getting clothing together for the hurricane survivors.”

Tony Tirado, owner of True Finish Landscaping, said the Madison and Geneva Clothing Bank shipment was part of an independent community effort to help hurricane victims.

“We’re asking for donations and accepting clothing, canned goods, bottled water and no-perishable items to be sent to Beaumont, Texas and other parts of Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey,” he said. “This is an independent community effort to bring some relief down there, but we’re in regular contact with the Red Cross, so we have a good idea of what is needed.”

Rae Jean Burgard said anyone interested in donating clothing or non-perishables or helping the relief effort should call her at (440) 417-4874.


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