The collection, called Butter, was first started by Kelsy Lefler six years ago and is currently produced in Holland.

A West Michigan resident has created a clothing collection now distributed across the country.

The collection, called Butter, was first started by Kelsy Lefler six years ago and is currently produced in Holland.

For Lefler, the love of creating clothing started years ago. She had a love for sewing at a young age and made her own prom dresses and formal dresses through high school.

From there, she continued to ticker with clothing and finally decided to start her own clothing line.

“The difficult task in the journey has been to figure out how to mass produce clothes,” Lefler said. “You can either do it yourself well or you can go to a factory. I have shopped factories and I just feel like the element of art is going to be lost if I stopped making the clothes.”

Lefler now has four employees who help her with production of the clothing, which is “designed to be the softest, most delicious article of closing in your closet.”

Although the idea to start a business can be daunting, Lefler came from an entrepreneurial family where both her grandpa and mother owned businesses. While they have offered her advice, her journey hasn’t been perfect.

“It has been insane,” she said. “I have done everything wrong and somehow managed to do everything right. I didn’t realize all the dynamics to it when I first launched but you just put one foot in front of the other and look back at this amazing thing you created. It’s very rewarding but you are never done.”

For those interested in purchasing Lefler’s clothing line, the clothing can be found at Muriels Intimate Apparel in downtown Holland.

As for future plans, Lefler said she has found a pace she is happy with and will continue to do what she loves.

“At the beginning, I tried to grow really quickly and that didn’t go well,” Lefler said. “I just really want to focus on my top retailers, make sure they are happy, make sure they are getting product regularly, fine tune things and just be able to enjoy it more.”

“It has been such a crazy, fast-paced journey and I would like to get back into dying a little more … and appreciating the art aspect of it.”

Lefler will host a trunk show at Muriels in Holland on April 21 and 22 and coffee and treats will be available. Customers will have the chance to meet Lefler and view the clothing line at the event, which will run on Friday from 4-8 p.m. and Saturday from 1-4 p.m.

For more information about the line, visit or on Instagram at

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