Inside Amazon’s foray into fashion as it takes on the high street with its own new brand –

“The opportunity to build a new business is exciting. We don’t have the hangover of physical retail or have history, so we have to make our own history,” she says in her first interview since taking the role. “The brand’s not going to happen overnight, not every piece is going to be absolutely perfect but we will just keep listening to customers.”

The City will also be keeping a close eye on the range. “In terms of Amazon’s fashion offer it has been rather quiet in the UK. Its own-label range has been keenly anticipated,” says Adam Cochrane, analyst at UBS. “The question is how they go from selling basic products like books and electronics to fashion, which is a much more emotional purchase.”

Since joining Amazon, Russell’s small team has grown to include former colleague, the designer Karen Peacock, and Glen George, a former buyer for Primark. For the past year they have been mining reams of customer data, obsessing over reviews and studying fashion trends to put together a womenswear collection.


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