Harper’s Bazaar editor banned fashion photographer Terry Richardson for his ‘troubling’ and ‘exploitative’ work – Telegraph.co.uk

She told Radio 4’s Today programme: “A colleague of mine, when she had been much younger and working on a different magazine, had gone to his studio and there was explicit pornography playing on a screen beside her and there were pornographic images on the walls and she had felt that there was something very troubling going on in that environment.

“I had only once been in his studio and again I was much younger, a long time before I was editor of Harper’s Bazaar, but again I felt troubled by the explicit imagery that was on the walls.”

Ms Picardie added: “That overly exploitative vision of women was something I didn’t feel happy with.”

She who went on to say she had regular disagreements with other fashion editors over Richardson’s work.

“When I said I didn’t like it and I found it troubling there was a sense you might be part of a witch hunt. Witch hunt is a phrase Terry Richardson has used,” she said.

Ms Picardie pointed out that the 52-year-old US photographer’s working methods were well known throughout the industry and that other editors had still made a decision to use his work.

But she suggested there had been a failure to protect more vulnerable, inexperienced models from Richardson and others like him.


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