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There’s a saying that time heals all wounds, but maybe Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne didn’t get that memo. Ever since Rancic made that infamous comment about Zendaya’s hairstyle at the Oscars six weeks ago, the two Fashion Police stars have been at each other’s throats. Osbourne has already formally left the show and Rancic’s future on the panel remains uncertain at best, yet both women seem hell bent on winning this feud, which doesn’t show any signs of letting up anytime soon.

On Monday, Giuliana stopped by the Today show, where she vowed to “tell the truth” about her controversial joke. Her version of the story hangs on the claim that poor editing after the taping changed the nature of what she said so that the (kinder, more playful) spirit of the jab was lost.

Osbourne promptly tweeted:

Though she didn’t name Giuliana specifically, reports surfaced insisting the tweet was about Osbourne’s former colleague. Two days later, on Wednesday, Giuliana took a turn on Extra to speak (again) about both the initial incident and Kelly’s recent social media response.

“Someone called me and told me about [the tweet], and I’m like, ‘Did she say my name? Because there’s no way that can be about me because I’m telling the truth,'” she argued. Giuliana then moved on to reiterate exactly what went down on that fateful day on set.

“What happened was a joke was written for me that was in reference to the hippie culture. And so someone wrote that line, and that’s fine and I’m not blaming him because he truly did write it to be about hippies. It was a bad joke,” she conceded. “I was horrified to have my name in headlines that were insinuating that there were racial undertones. It was something that I would never expect in my wildest nightmares to happen to me.”

But Giuliana isn’t the only one who just can’t seem to let it go. That same day, Kelly granted her own interview to People on the subject.

“There’s been so much drama surrounded by what went on at Fashion Police that I have chosen to keep quiet about. I will [continue to keep quiet] because I don’t think it will do anyone service,” Kelly began before not doing that at all and letting everyone know exactly what she thinks instead. “I will say this: Giuliana is not often wrong. She really isn’t, but it’s been really, really heartbreaking to see her behavior that has transpired when she did get caught being wrong. That’s what broke my heart.”

The 30-year-old TV personality also added that she refused to “sit there and perpetuate evilness.” While she technically didn’t call Giuliana’s actions “evil,” she’s clearly laid out the dots for the rest of us to connect.

Even though they’re still seemingly focused on the past, both Kelly and Giuliana have started planning for their futures. While Giuliana hasn’t confirmed whether she’s returning to the show or not, she did recently reveal that she will be moving to Chicago fulltime with her family this summer. Kelly — who left Fashion Police in a fiery blaze over a month ago — will return to the red carpet for the first time since her exit this coming Sunday, as a host of the MTV Movie Awards pre-show alongside Jessie J and Josh Horowitz.

“It’s really scary and it’s really exciting. I get to be more creative and pick the questions and talk about fun things and not necessarily just be so focused on look,” Osbourne mused of her upcoming gig. “I want to make people feel good, and I want to have fun,” she said. “I don’t want to feel like I’ve hurt people’s feelings or I’ve done something wrong. I just want to make this amazing.”

As for Fashion Police‘s drama-filled first season since Joan Rivers’s passing, Osbourne might (finally) be ready to put it behind her. “Do we really need to be wasting … time talking about three b—-es not getting along, or so you think?” she asked. “It’s so small in the grand scheme of things.”

We couldn’t agree more, so hopefully these two… umm… “ladies” will start following their own advice.


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