From Hush pyjamas to dressing like a milkmaid… this week’s fashion trends – The Guardian

Going up

The gentlemen of Cali The cartel once handled 90% of Europe’s cocaine trade. In Netflix’s Narcos, they also had strong shirt game.

Hush pyjamas.

Hush pyjamas.

Hush’s pyjamas Designed in collaboration with Refuge, the domestic violence charity. Each pair’s sale will provide a night’s accommodation for a woman and her children. £60 well spent.

The white shirt See Meghan Markle’s ‘husband’ shirt for your inspo. Wear oversized and lowkey for a major alpha off-duty power play.

John Shaft A big inspo this season, what with the return of the leather trench. Get yours at Finery.

Dressing like a milkmaid AKA wearing the Regina Pyo frock that every blogger at NYFW wore.

Jason from Friday the 13th
Now a fashion reference, as seen as a pair of shoes by Calvin Klein.

Going down

Semaphoring your sense of humour via your phone case The frow is already turning to clear cases, plain cases with extra battery packs, or no case at all. Huh.

Puke and beer No match for Adidas’s new trainers which repel said items.

White jeans Worn by Melania Trump to visit the areas of Texas affected by Hurricane Irma.

E Corp Judging by the trailer for Mr Robot season three, it’s going down.

Ripped jeans and trainers The dress code for Victoria Beckham’s latest event banned both.

woman in sunglasses by a pool

Sunglasses worn only outside? A rookie move. Photograph: Getty Images

Only wearing sunglasses outside A rookie move. They should be “110% a part of your outfit” at all times, says fashion party DJ Siobhan Bell.


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