Five biggest festival fashion trends at Splendour in the Grass (and one we’re glad to see go) – The Sydney Morning Herald

As much as they are about music, festivals are about fashion too.

As the earliest, and one of the biggest, for the festival season, Splendour in the Grass is a good forecast for what fashions you can expect at other festivals throughout the year and over summer.

Festival fashion has always been about letting go of your inhibitions and wearing bold, daring outfits, but trends come and go.

Sweet and whimsical looks are being replaced by edgier outfits –think fishnets instead of maxi-skirts.

While flower crowns have been a festival mainstay, they seem to have finally fallen out of favour, replaced by a rather sparkly alternative. Which brings us to our first festival fashion trend:

Glitter, glitter everywhere

Glitter was the most popular festival decoration at Splendour. And unlike flower crowns, glitter is a much more versatile decoration.

Many festival goers chose a simple swipe of glitter on each cheek, but in keeping with the ‘more is more’ festival fashion ethos, it was also popular along hair parts, in beards and along collarbones.

For those wanting to take the look even further, the ‘disco boob’ was popular and consisted of a full chest of glitter with crystal nipple pasties. And if the outfit involved exposed bottom cheeks, you bet they would be covered in glitter.

Underwear as outerwear

Speaking of exposed bottoms, underwear as outerwear was a popular look. Key for those daring to bare was a killer bra and high-waisted underwear, covered in sheer skirts, dresses or tops. Fishnet stockings often completed the look, paired with well-worn Dr Martin boots.

80s and 90s revival

Looking around the crowd you would have been forgiven for thinking you had been transported back 30 years, with fashion from the 80s and 90s making an appearance in a big way.

Think boldly coloured tracksuit jackets, patterned shirts and tiny, sporty sunglasses (and throw in a sunglasses chain for good measure).

It might have been due to the cold, but double denim was also a bit hit among the music fans.

An edgier take on boho

Boho will also be a popular festival style, but flowy dresses have given way to flared pants and off-the-shoulder tops.

In keeping with boho style, flares were worn in a variety of fabrics – velvet, lace and crochet were popular – with dense patterns and muted colours.

OTT hair

Hairstyles at Splendour were more intricate and over the top than ever. As well as glittered parts, pastel hair dye was popular as were Miley Cyrus-inspired double top knots.

Braids – practical as well as stylish – were everywhere, but hair rings took that look to the next level

Cultural appropriation

Luckily, this seemed to be a disappearing festival trend.

While a few years ago there would have been hundreds at Splendour wearing native American tribal headdresses, this year only a few appeared to have missed the memo that those headdresses are not a fashion item.

Bindis also did not make a huge appearance, but probably more due to the fact people preferred to cover their faces in stick-on crystals rather than wear just one.


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