A grandeur moment in the lives of 2017 NFL draftees warranted a wardrobe selection for the ages. First-round selections made sure to look polished on Thursday at the Philadelphia Museum of Art at Eakins Oval.

With the Cleveland Browns’ No. 1 overall pick Myles Garrett watching from home in Arlington and the Bears trading up for the No. 2 selection, North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was the first draftee to walk onto the dais in Philadelphia. He took a modest approach to fashion as the first across the stage, wearing a sleek gray jacket.

Solomon Thomas and Leonard Fournette followed suit, displaying a sense of refined professionalism with their attire. The No. 5 selection would be the first pick to add some flair to the proceedings. 

Corey Davis, the Tennessee Titans’ pick out of Western Michigan, rocked a pink suit with swagger, complete with floral designs on his tie and pocket square. Bengals’ John Ross took pink to a whole new level at pick No. 9. He fully enveloped himself with a cotton candy colored suit and pants. 

With the No. 6 pick, the Jets’ Jamal Adams made a splash with his arrangement. Wearing a suit with a grid of white blocks, Adams easily stole the show with the most dynamic attire of the Draft. The double-breasted suit looked dapper, while also appearing unusual enough to remind you of the kitchen tiles at your mother’s house. 

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The Texans’ pick at No. 12, Deshaun Watson, shined in a customized blue JCPenney suit from the Michael Strahan collection. The inside lining of the suit payed homage to his hometown and friends, while his dashing Louboutin shoes and bow tie completed the arrangement. The bow tie was simple and elegant, while the Louboutins appeared to be fashioned from a fluorite deposit. 

The Redskins’ No. 17 pick Jonathan Allen also had some unique kicks, as his shoes, adorned with metallic spikes, appeared reminiscent of medieval times. 

Haason Reddick showed his suit game is strong as he proudly displayed a fish-scale patterned black and gray jacket with a blood red pocket handkerchief. He was selected by the Cardinals with the No. 13 pick.

Perhaps the most debonair of them all was Kingston Bolles, son of the Denver Broncos’ No. 20 pick Garett Bolles. Baby Bolles put the Broncos cheerleader squad on notice with his sleeveless gray minisuit. 

Check out the slideshow to see the garment selections by 2017 NFL draftees.