Fashion Stands Up for LGBT Rights at Jeffrey Fashion Cares –

“It’s such a powerful time to be gay,” began Zachary Quinto’s speech at last night’s Jeffrey Fashion Cares benefit auction. The actor and activist was on hand to cohost the evening’s events, including a silent auction, a live auction, and—the highlight for many—a men’s fashion show featuring a lot of skin. (At no other fashion show does the audience get quite as revelrous as this.)

Before the auction began, Quinto discussed why LGBT activism is important today. “I think we’re living in such a crucial moment in the evolution of LGBT equality and rights. On one hand you have the incredible ground that we’ve gained in the last five years, but on the other side of it you have people in Indiana and Washington who are crowd-sourcing a million dollars to monetize and publicize bigotry and hatred. I feel like unity and visibility and standing together and raising awareness and raising money and combating that kind of hatred is really important now more than ever.” Quinto’s involvement with the charities to which Jeffrey Fashion Cares donates—Lambda Legal, an activism organization for people with HIV/AIDS; Hetrick-Martin Institute, an LGBTQ advocacy nonprofit; and ACRIA—has no doubt helped raise awareness and money, including the sizable sum he himself donated at the event yesterday. 

Other notables at the auction included Anna Wintour, Steven Kolb, Joseph Altuzarra, Catherine McNeil, and Narciso Rodriguez. Preshow, Rodriguez took time to explain his motives for coming out to the event, saying, “The fashion community is supported by the LGBT youth, so we need to be here to support the organizations that help so many people. We’re directly linked. We’re family.” 

Jeffrey Kalinsky, Anna Wintour, Zachary Quinto


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