EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity DJ Steve Aoki Likes Disastrous Fashion – BET

BET: What’s your personal influence on the brand?

S: This is the culture I grew up in. I grew up with the punk kids as one, where not many people wanted to hang out with us. We really believe in what we did; and we fought and live it! So you have to live in these clothes. As an artist, it’s important to be able to express yourself not just with music but fashion as well.

BET: How do you feel about return of ’80s fashion and becoming a big deal as it relates to men’s style?

S: Everything comes in sizes! If ’80s come back — or dad pants come back, or dad shoes, or dad hats — or something you never seen come back — you just put your own flare or twist on it! That’s how I see it! Other brands like Off-White, who go back in time for inspiration, instead of having very chiseled face models in their shows, they hired a 65-year-old male to wear their clothes and walk down the runway. That progression is incredible! Because it is art in a way, it’s not just something you buy it’s something you experience! I am inspired by those designers who think that way.

BET: Since your brand focuses on the risk takers, what is the biggest fashion risk you’ve taken personally with your style?

S: [laughs] I can’t think of just one  I definitely took some risk and wore some clothes that didn’t vibe out with me completely. We got to always think outside of the box — for instance, the shoes I chose for the models, someone may say “that’s ugly” or “my dad would wears those shoes” [laughs] — that can be a disaster to someone, but it’s about owning the disaster! If you own the disaster, stylewise it can be a game changer!


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