Disability rights organisations ‘welcome’ Tommy Hilfiger’s new clothing collection for disabled adults – Telegraph.co.uk

American designer Tommy Hilfiger has announced plans to expand his fashion collections and offer sartorial solutions for disabled adults – a proposal that has received a great response from leading disability rights organisations in the UK.

Hilfiger’s new ‘Adaptive’ offering, which is available now on the US website and is intended to eventually roll out worldwide, consists of 37 men’s and 34 women’s styles with features like velcro and magnetic fastenings to eliminate any difficulties users may have faced with buttons or zips, as well as adjustable openings and seams on legs and necklines to accommodate different body shapes and prosthetic limbs.

The pieces are also designed to help carers – anyone helping a disabled person to get dressed in the morning could find it easier to pull on the garments.

“I welcome this collection and think it makes absolute sense,” Philip Connolly, the Policy and Development Manager at Disability Rights UK, tells The Telegraph. “I myself have lost some sensitivity in my fingers as a result of Parkinson’s and I find buttons and cuff links more difficult than I used to. The best part of this is that Tommy Hilfiger has not designed a collection that looks any different to his other ranges, he’s simply adapted them to offer this choice of fastenings and shapes.”


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