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Nothing quite says Coachella like woven crop tops, cut-off jeans and — a unicorn onesie? Festival goers turned out their best (and in some instances, their worst) concert attire for the first weekend of Coachella 2015, a three-day kickoff in the California desert to the summer concert season.

If large-scale music events like Coachella prove anything about the mindset of modern concertgoers, it’s that festivals are no longer just about the music — they’re about dressing the part. The unofficial rule of thumb for many West Coast music junkies is: If you wouldn’t want it on Instagram, leave it behind. Breaking that rule is as inexcusable as missing the festival all together.

“Boho chic” is the term often used to describe the attire favored by Coachella’s throngs. There are even entire clothing lines dedicated to achieving that festival look — fringe, leather, denim, etc.

In many ways, today’s festival fashion is a nod to the looks pioneered by concertgoers of previous generations. “The ensembles favored by Coachella attendees are almost exact replicas of what their parents wore at Woodstock [in some cases — do the math — this could actually be their grandparents],” Lynn Yaeger wrote for Vogue around this time last year. “These facsimiles are donned without irony.” Turquoise jewelry, flower crowns, suede boots and cut-off jeans featured prominently on the Coachella landscape this past weekend.

Other trends debuted on the desert runway this year. Temporary metallic tattoos — a kind of henna-jewelry hybrid — glittered in the California sunshine. Floral and abstract prints were popular, as well.

Tens of thousands of people descended on the Indio, California, desert near Palm Springs for the 2015 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Here are some of the looks that stole the show, and others that should have stayed in the closet. 


Patterns, leather and fringe. These looks have Coachella written all over them. Verdict: Approved.


Sun-kissed locks, simple white halter top and a flower crown. Verdict: Well done.


Egyptian-themed couple giving off Party City vibes. Verdict: Save it for Halloween.


Cut-offs and flirty pink parasol. Verdict: A safe choice.


Is that the rain dance? Verdict: Don’t be offensive.


Gladiator sandals galore. Verdict: Approved.


Not much to say about this “outfit.” Verdict: Unsanitary.


Body jewelry and turquoise. Verdict: The perfect desert festival look.


Sequin top, big hair and green — shorts? Verdict: Yes, there is something known as “too much.”


White top, white skirt and floppy hat. Verdict: A++.


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