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The Fashion Police

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Tyler Breeze and Fandango are bringing the ha-ha to WWE.

Of course, many would say the company has never been in short supply of the ha-ha. After all, comedy has always had its place within WWE’s walls.

However, that comedy is now being expertly handled by two guys who were perhaps never supposed to get over as a tag team—but they may just be WWE’s next great comedy act.

That moniker has belonged to The New Day, and some would say it still does. Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E are three of the most entertaining Superstars on the roster; they’re also three of the funniest. Comedy doesn’t always come easy to the talent, but it’s next to oxygen for The New Day.

They live because of it, and it has kept them going.

As time has passed, though, The New Day has become a respected trio in the ring. They’re an established team now, fully capable of winning any match they’re booked in. They still have fun, they still make the fans laugh, and it’s obvious they’re enjoying themselves.

But they can work a more serious tone and still get over. Big E, Woods, and Kingston are stars, and they can get over in any type of environment.

By contrast, Breezangonow known as The Fashion Policeis still working toward gaining respect as a legitimate tag team. They’ve made great strides in that regard, and they will hopefully reach the point at which they will be considered the favorite to win every match they work.

But until that time, they’re leaning on the comedyand it’s working wonders for them.

Breeze and Fandango have great timing, and that is the heart of their team. They run through one insanely goofy scenario after another with a straight-faced approach fans can’t help but love. Their deadpan style has made them popular, and their commitment to character has kept the fans watching.

They’re in on the joke, but they never let that show. Fans know the guys are having fun, but that is implied, never confirmed. As far as the crowd knows, The Fashion Police believe every ridiculous word that comes out in their promos.

Though it seems to be silly, their booking has actually been brilliant. 

Breezango wasn’t going to get over because of Fandango’s dancing or Breeze’s obsession with selfies. If that were true, they would have gotten over individually. So instead, they stopped playing it serious and began to tweak the format.

The team that fans now love to watch on SmackDown Live is not the same one they first saw in the beginning. 

This team is comfortable and confident. They know how to work together and how to get over together. The Fashion Police is a gimmick that could have died the moment it was born, but because of their efforts, the team is succeeding. They are no longer a jobber duo for the top teams to pin on the way to the titles.

Now The Fashion Police are on the way to championship glory, and it’s only a matter of time until they win the gold.

The similarities between The Fashion Police and The New Day are not limited to just the comedy. When The New Day was formed, the fans laughed. What was this? Was this a joke? Whose idea was this? The same was surely said of Breezango in the beginning.

Now The Fashion Police is making it work. This was a case of two guys being thrown together, in the hopes that something would spark creatively. The same was certainly true of The New Day. In both cases, each team learned to swim instead of sink.

The New Day is on the top tier of WWE when it comes to not only being entertaining, but also being valuable. This will be true of The Fashion Police in time, especially if the duo continues along the same path it’s now traveling.

Breeze and Fandango are great together, and they’re only just getting started. Bring on the ha-has.


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