7. Size and fit affect the life of your clothing – Daily Herald

Though no one wants to admit when they should go up a size, wearing the right clothing for your frame and size is important. Not just so you can look your best, but also to extend the life of your clothing. When clothes don’t fit right, people tend to tug, pull and stretch the fabrics into place. This weakens the fibers and opens the garment up to tearing and holes. In addition to this, if you have a lot of ill-fitting clothes in your closet, you will find yourself gravitating to wearing the clothes that do fit and are comfortable more often. This can wear these pieces out faster and give you minimal use from your wardrobe. Likewise, wearing clothing that is too large for you can increase wear due to friction in places where the article is not made to take it, as well as wear and tear on pant legs and sleeve cuffs from draping and dragging. For items that you just can’t live without, but know that they do not fit you as well as they could, consider a tailor. They are relatively inexpensive depending on the alterations and you will get much more use out of an article you are comfortable wearing.


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