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The biannual New York-London-Milan-Paris fashion marathon has arrived at the final leg in the City of Light. Though the shows are currently being staged in the French capital, Milan is worth reflecting upon. The city held its own throughout the six days which were a celebration of Italian craftsmanship and joie de vivre (or better said, la bella vita). Here’s what’s worth remembering.

Eeva Suutari

A look from the Les Incompétents spring/summer 2018 collection.


Though it wasn’t happening on the runway, it’s happening on the streets as we speak. Branded sartorial basics are what the cool kids crave right now. Answering this request was emerging Canadian brand Les Incompétents, which showcased its street-smart goodies as part of the Fashion Hub Market platform; an initiative launched by Italy’s chamber of fashion in support of the next generation of fashion pace-setters.

Looks from the Versace spring/summer 2018 collection. (Photo by  Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images)


Understated is overrated. This seemed to be the Milan fashion week anthem – for a bevy of fashion houses at least. Though there is nothing new about fashion hailing from the bel paese being slightly more colorfoul, and pretty much slightly more more in every department, the spring/summer 2018 collections took things to new heights. In a show which was a tribute to Giannni Versace – two decades following the illustrious fashion designer’s death – Versace Creative Director Donatella Versace took the brand back to its in-your-face roots in the form of studded leather, brocades, plus the infamous medusa logo, in what was arguably the most talked-about fashion show of Milan. In its love affair for kitsch, Versace was joined by usual suspect Gucci as well as Dolce & Gabbana, where things shimmered, shined and dazzled all the way till the finale.

Il Salumaio

View of Il Salumaio’s courtyard.

Il Salumaio

Since many years Milan’s il Salumaio on the Via Santo Spirito street has been the go-to spot for top models, fashion photographers and the who’s who of fashion on lunch break. The trend doesn’t seem to be fading away any time soon, as also this Milan fashion week fashion’s heavyweights forked their salmon tartar at the restaurant synonymous with its hidden courtyard located amidst Milan’s main luxury shopping district.


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