University Of Hartford Student Faces Hate Crime Charge In Case Involving Former Roommate – Hartford Courant

Brianna Rae Brochu is charged with a hate crime in a case involving her former roommate at the University of Hartford, West Hartford Police said Wednesday.

A judge ordered Brochu to stay off the University of Hartford campus and not contact her former roommate while her case continues through the court system. West Hartford police added the charge of intimidation based on bigotry or bias to Brochu’s breach of peace and criminal mischief case, police said Wednesday.

Brochu, 18, was arrested on Saturday after admitting to police that she licked her roommate’s dining utensils and smeared bodily fluid on the woman’s backpack.

Brochu did not comment during a brief court appearance in Hartford Community Court on Wednesday morning. Her case, under the request of assistant state’s attorney Carl Ajello, was transferred to Hartford Superior Court with a court date of Nov. 15.


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