Real estate tycoon Donald Trump announced he would take a break from his presidential campaign on Monday to head to court.

The 2016 Republican frontrunner has been summoned for jury duty to which he’ll report on Monday, Rhona Graff, senior vice president to the president of The Trump Organization, confirmed to CNN on Friday.

Image source: CNN

Image source: CNN

According to USA Today, Trump is ”looking forward to appearing,” and his campaign will continue without him while he’s fulfilling his civic duty.

The New York Daily News reported that Trump was fined $250 earlier this year as he failed to report for jury duty five times since 2006. His aides contested that Trump didn’t show because he was unaware of the notices; the summonses were reportedly sent to a building which Trump owned but did not reside in.

Trump himself confirmed Friday night while in New Hampshire that he’d have to be back in a few days for jury duty and admitted he wasn’t sure which court he was supposed to report to.

“Can you believe it? I’ll be doing jury duty on Monday morning,” he said.

Trump arrived in Iowa on Saturday to make an appearance at the state fair and give children a ride on his helicopter.

After Trump shows up to court, he won’t be summoned again for at least six years, according to the Daily News.