Pence calls failed missile test by North Korea a ‘provocation’ – Los Angeles Times

Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday described a failed missile test by North Korea as the type of “provocation” that the Trump administration is resolved to confront.

“This morning’s provocation from the North is just the latest reminder of the risks each one of you face each and every day in the defense of the freedom of the people of South Korea and the defense of America in this part of the world,” Pence told U.S. troops at a dinner in Seoul at the start of a long-planned visit aimed in part at reassuring a nervous ally.

“Our commitment to this historic alliance with the courageous people of South Korea has never been stronger, and with your help and God’s help, freedom will ever prevail on this peninsula.”

Pence’s first official trip to Asia as vice president, part of a 10-day regional tour, gained new significance over the weekend as North Korea attempted to project its military might.


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