New Obama order requires contractors to pay for sick leave – CNN

Boston (CNN)Hundreds of thousands of American workers could become newly eligible for paid sick leave after President Barack Obama signs an executive order Monday forcing companies who contract with the federal government to provide the benefit to their employees.

The Labor Day announcement comes after a set of similar orders requiring federal contractors to boost paychecks and conditions for their workers, including expanding overtime compensation, banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and raising workers’ minimum wage.

Obama has pushed Congress to extend those new rules across the entire private sector, but met resistance from Republicans in Congress. Similar opposition was expected to the paid sick leave rule.

The proposed rule change Obama plans to announce Monday in Boston would require firms receiving government contracts to provide an hour of paid sick leave for every thirty hours an employee works, up to seven paid sick days per year.

The order would affect 300,000 American workers who currently aren’t eligible for any paid sick leave, the White House said, adding an unknown additional number of workers would be granted additional sick time.‎

The new rule was expected to have the greatest effect among low-wage workers, who are less likely to currently receive paid sick leave.


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