Lawyer releases training records for Tulsa deputy charged in killing – CNN

(CNN)The lawyer for Robert Bates, an Oklahoma reserve deputy who fatally shot a man he meant to subdue with a Taser, on Saturday released documents that he says verify some of Bates’ training as a law enforcement officer.

The documents show Bates had one Taser training class over a six-and-a-half-year period, took three firearms training classes and qualified 10 times, from 2009 to 2014, to use a handgun. His evaluations say he got along with other officers and related well with the public.

“Robert Bates has met all the requisite training required by Oklahoma to be a reserve deputy,” said the lawyer, Scott Wood, in an interview with CNN.

Read the documents

CNN could not independently confirm the documents were authentic. Wood said he got them from Bates, who asked the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office to provide his training records. The sheriff’s office has turned down CNN’s requests for the training documents, saying they are part of the investigation. Authorities did not reply Saturday to a request for comment on Wood’s statements.

The documents are important because Bates’ training has become a central issue in the case.


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