For Israel, there’s good news and bad news after Iran deal – Haaretz

Bibi has two options, stable neighborhood or unstable. He thinks sanctions, pile them on, but he never acknowledges the centrifuge race that occurred under them. Russia, China and India will step on the GOP no, and say they are playing politics with the region, which is true. Corridor and middle east mess is Bush’s fault. Cheney would really like billions more, missiles are great in your neighborhood, not his. He lives in Iowa. Nothing happens in Iowa. Pakistan has nukes and is really unstable, Bibi says squat about. Options are what they are. Everyone on nuclear end is very impressed with thoroughness if the framework.Remember Bibi guaranteed a better region if we went into Iraq. Guaranteed. Bibi is pissed that he ran into a President who ignores bullying. Bibi’s used to Presidents being soft pampered white guys. Our President is not pampered, has met tons of bully’s in his time and has singular focus that Bibi can’t sway.


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