Europe’s migrant crisis continues, as Germany’s patience may be wearing thin – CNN

Nickelsdorf, Austria (CNN)As more migrants poured into Hungary on Sunday, the will of the German government to relieve more pressure there — like it had done a day earlier — appeared to grow thinner.

Germany’s taking in of thousands of people who entered Hungary while fleeing entrenched bloody conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan should be seen as the exception and not the rule, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier reportedly said on Saturday.

“The help in (Friday’s) emergency situation was tied to an urgent reminder not to make that the practice for the coming days,” he said at a meeting of Europe’s foreign ministers in Luxembourg, according to the website of the German newspaper Die Zeit.

Dreamland Germany

For days, thousands of migrants had been caught in a tedious waiting game in Hungary, many holed up in hot, overcrowded trains.

Police, at times in riot gear, faced off with distrusting migrants who did not want local authorities to process them. They feared mistreatment and were intent on making it farther north, mostly to Germany. Hundreds of migrants took off on foot for the Austrian border with the final goal of transiting to the place of their dreams.


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