European migrant crisis: Austria, Germany near tipping point – CNN

Vienna, Austria (CNN)The massive flood of refugees in Europe are pushing Germany and Austria to a tipping point.

Well over 17,500 refugees have poured into the two countries in just the past two days, trying to escape the bombings, terrorists and dire conditions ravaging their homelands.

“We have helped more than 12,000 people in an acute situation,” Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said. “We must now, step by step, go from emergency measures to a normality that is humane and complies with the law.”

Even Germany, a country with a long history of helping refugees, said it can’t keep taking in asylum seekers at the current pace. More than 17,500 migrants arrived in just the city of Munich over the weekend, police said.

“The great helpfulness that Germany has shown in these last weeks and months should not be worn thin,” the Interior Ministry said. It added that Germany’s ability to continue help is contingent on other countries stepping up.

But on Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany is pledging an additional 3 billion Euros to the migrant crisis. She said Germany “is of course willing to accept more refugees,” but called on other European countries to take more in.


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