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By Diane Lee (WSPA)

It’s not often a company pulls every product it makes from store shelves. But that’s what blue bell is doing with it’s ice cream and other frozen snacks.

We wanted to know how the recall process works to make sure you are safe.

We got on the phone with blue bell spokesman Joe Robertson to ask who was ultimately responsible for getting the ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and other frozen snacks out of stores.

We asked, is it the retailers?

“Not necessarily no, we give them the recall right away. They do a great job of pulling it, but then we have a sales force and that’s what they’re doing for today and the next few days. They’re making sure that all the products off the shelves, and if it’s not picked up yet, it’s at least off the shelves in the back room,” said Robertson.

Blue Bell told us it sent out a press release the same day it learned about new tests showing previous recalls of specific flavors were not large enough.

It says: “Blue Bell has now had several positive tests for Listeria in different places and plants.”

The contamination is linked to at least three deaths, and the company is still trying to figure out the source.

Media reports are the top way you learn about recalls. But we found out, in some cases you could be contacted directly by the retailer.

Blue Bell says after it’s first smaller recall last month, companies like Sam’s Club called people through an automated system to let them know about the recall.

Another line of defense if a product remains on the shelves by accident is at the point of sale. Supermarkets like Food Lion say the register will ring up “not-for sale.”

“Something of this scale is probably going to take us a minimum of 2-3 weeks just to get this recall finalized,” said Robertson.

That’s because Blue Bell has asked stores not to discard the products, and instead vendors will be picking them up.

If you have eaten blue bell and you want to see a doctor about it, the company says call them to discuss any claim about medical costs at the number below.

You can get a full refund by taking the product to the retailer where you bought it. you do not need a receipt, though stores say that is helpful.

Blue Bell says it plans to test and hold anything it produces which means it will test a sample of each product to make sure it’s safe before sending it to stores.

To reach blue bell about this recall you can call 1- 866- 608- 3940.


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