Baghdadi kept US hostage as sex slave – Times of India

American hostage Kayla Mueller was repeatedly forced to have sex with Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who took her as a “wife” US intelligence officials told her family in June. A Yazidi teenager, who was held with Mueller and escaped in 2014, revealed the full story of the ordeal faced by the aid worker killed in captivity. The 14-year-old made her way to Iraqi Kurdistan, where she talked to US commandos in November 2014. Intelligence agencies corroborated her account.

The fresh revelations shatter rumours that Mueller cooperated or was a willing spouse. “They told us that he married her, and we all understand what that means,” Carl Mueller, Kayla’s father, said on Friday, which would have been his daughter’s 27th birthday, after her death was reported in February. Her mother, Marsha Mueller, added, “Kayla did not marry this man. He took her to his room and he abused her and she came back crying.”

Mueller was kidnapped in Syria in August 2013 while leaving a hospital in Aleppo, for which IS had demanded a ransom of 5m. She had travelled to the Turkish-Syrian border in December 2012 to work with a humanitarian organization. The Yazidi girl said she and four other of them met Mueller in Mosul, from where they were transferred to al-Shadadiya.

In al-Shadadiya, Mueller was often visited by Baghdadi, said the girl, who cooked and cleaned in the house. The girl said sex trade was organized by Umm Sayyaf, wife of Abu Sayyaf, a IS financier. Describing Mueller as a “mother figure”, the Yazidi girl said many a times she tried to protect them from abuse. But she left them regularly, when Baghdadi visited. “And every time he came, he took Kayla away,” she said. On returning Mueller would narrate what had happened, often crying.

When the 14-year-old escaped with her sister in October 2014, Mueller refused to join her saying her foreign appearance would put them in danger when they would be forced to ask for help from the local Arab community.

Till now, the circumstances of Mueller’s death remain disputed. IS claimed she was killed in a Jordanian air strike near Raqqa. The bombing raid was targeting Baghdadi, and IS is said to have sent an email with pictures of her body in a hijab.


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