Arizona Police Book Person of Interest in Freeway Shootings on Unrelated Charge – ABC News

Authorities in Arizona arrested a 19-year-old man considered a person of interest in a spate of shootings on the heavily-traveled Interstate 10 freeway near Phoenix on an unrelated marijuana possession charge.

Oscar De La Torre Munoz was booked into the Maricopa County jail late Friday. Munoz, 19, of Avondale, was taken into custody along with his mother Friday morning at a gas station a few miles from I-10, officials with the state’s Department of Public Safety said.

His mother was questioned but later released.

At least 11 shootings along I-10 have been reported since last month. The scenarios have varied, said officials with the Department of Public Safety, with some involving bullets fired at random cars and others possibly involving BBs or pellets.

Col. Frank Milstead, director of the state’s Department of Public Safety, classified the incidents as “domestic terrorism,” calling the person or people responsible cowards who put innocent lives at risk.

“When I say ‘domestic terrorism,’ I don’t know what else you would call it. When you’re, you know, inflicting terror on a community, what else is it?” he said. “These are bad people trying to do harm to good people.”

The shootings dated back to August 29, said Milstead. Each one happened along a short eight-mile stretch of road.

“We have a hard crime to solve because it’s such a large area and there so many different vantage points for someone who wants to do something wrong,” Milstead said.

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